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Introduction to Change Management

Gaps:  Multiple gaps were found in the analysis for this project. First, novice managers were receiving animosity from veteran managers when asking for change clarification. Second, teams/departments were having difficulty implementing company-wide change information. Third, there were differing ideas of how change management took place within departments. Fourth, there was a long lag-time between the notification and implementation stages for all change projects. 

Solution:   By the end of this eLearning module, novice and veteran managers will be able to define change management and paraphrase the relevance of change management for the company. They will be able to provide examples of how a leader should react to different change types and they will correctly identify pieces of the Change Management Model. 

Tools used: Articulate Storyline 360, WellSaidLabs

Project Features: Interactions (accordion, drag-and-drop, branching, variables, tabs, knowledge checks, final quizzes), triggers, state changes, avatars, layers, hotspots, markers


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Effective Communication Skills

Gaps:   XABC wants effective communication to be clear and in the forefront of a new hire's brain because new hires have had communication issues with colleagues and clients, as shown in their in-house performance assessments and customer satisfaction surveys.  

Solution:   This course was designed as Part 1 of 3. The end goal was to have the learner earn more successful communication marks across their in-house performance assessments and their customer satisfaction surveys by being able to define the three modes of communication, give examples of nonverbal communication cues, identify ways to listen attentively, and indicate how to make a message concrete and clear. 

Tools used: Articulate Rise 360, Canva

Project Features: Carousel, flip cards, accordion, drag-and-drop, scenarios, knowledge checks, final quizzes, imported labeled graphics